Grand Bassa County Association in the Americas, Inc.


On October 14, 2007, few citizens of Grand Bassa County and friends of Liberia with common objectives met in Port St. Lucie Florida that would ultimately form an organization to address the critical needs of the county and its people. Among those are: Health, Education and Social Services.


The Mission of the organization is to commit ourselves to human development in facilitating education, economic development, health social services and advocacy for Ground Bassa County. We owe it to our almighty God and humanity to meaningfully contribute our quota to national development and services as a non-profit and non-political organization.


On October 14, 2007, our general assembly voted unanimously to undertake the construction of (3) rural clinics in Grand Bassa County, outside of Buchanan, over the next ten years. The general Assembly voted on this project based on the following historical context. Since the inception of the Republic, there has been no established adequate health facility to cater to the needs of the entire region.

Executive Officers
President - Jerome Z. Gayman
Vice President - Rev. David Dann
Secretary - Elliott Virgin
Treasurer - Joseph Sinyan
Financial Secretary - A. B. Williams

Board of Directors - Officers
Ms. Delores Hogan Johnson
Co-Chairman - Dr. Zachariah Z. Gaye
Secretary - Isaac Gbehan

Board of Directors - Members
Dr. Frederick White
Dr. Lawrence Zumo
Dr. Mary Sirmons
Dr. Marty Riche
Peggy Brown Harris-Smith
Delores Bartin
Jerald Wilcox