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The St Lucie County Fire Department retired this ambulance and has gifted it to Liberia. This gift is a tremendous aid as it will be a medical facility on wheels to many.  Not long after this interview it left Fort Pierce and St Lucie for the docks in Jacksonville, FL where it will be shipped to Liberia.


Remembering the 6TH ANNUAL BOARD RETREAT 2013
October 25-27, 2013 Fort Pierce, Florida

U.S. Based Bassa Association Presents Health Center Plan to President Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says she is encouraged whenever patriotic Liberians residing aboard come home to contribute to the development programs of Liberia. The Liberian leader said there is no proper way to observe happenings in the country until one returns home.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the President made the statement on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 when a high-powered delegation from the Grand Bassa County Association in the Americas, under the energetic leadership of a Liberian academician and social worker, Mr. Jerome Gayman, presented her a construction    plan for a modernize Rural Health Center to be constructed in Decso Town, District   #3, in Grand Bassa County.                                 

         Jerome Gayman with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

      The Health Center is expected to be constructed in the northern part of Grand Bassa,bordering Bong and Nimba Counties, strategically to cater to the inhabitants of the three counties, especially the residents of District Number Three.

“We are very pleased to see people complement government effort”; President Johnson-Sirleaf indicated to the Grand Bassa County Association in the Americas, stressing that the Government will try to work in partnership with other institutions and organizations to uplift the country.

Briefing the President on the Grand Bassa County Association in the Americas’ dreams for fellow Liberians back home, the head of the delegation, Mr. Jerome Z. Gayman, lauded the Liberian leader for the level of development being undertaken by the Johnson-Sirleaf Administration, and expressed the need for Liberians to augment the current efforts, stressing that Government needs the collective effort of every Liberian to develop the country.


“We are here to contribute our quota for the development of our country”, Mr. Gayman told the President, adding the mission of the Association is to advance human development by facilitating education, economic development, health, social services and advocacy for Grand Bassa County in particular and the country in general.

He said on October 14, 2007, the General Assembly of the Association in the Americas voted unanimously to undertake the building of three Rural Health Clinics for women and children in the county in years to come, starting with the construction of a modernize Rural Health Center in District Number Three in Grand Bassa County.

He told President Johnson-Sirleaf that the Association has also formed a collaborative partnership with several institutions in America including the Indian River State Collage, United Way, Habitat International, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, Sarah’s Memorial Chapel, Frontline for Kids, Zaweca, Jackson State University and Grace United Methodist Church .

Speaking further, Mr. Gayman said the Association is prepared to join efforts with government towards the development of the country, and added that within six-month period, the construction work may had started.

He also said the Association has awarded ten scholarships to students of nursing at the Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences in Monrovia while the Board of Directors of the Association has also voted for the implementation of a “Train the Trainer” Nursing program with their collaborating partner, the Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida, the United States of America.

Mr. Gayman further disclosed that upon completion of the program, successful beneficiaries will serve as Traveling Nurses to deliver much needed health care in the rural areas of Grand Bassa County.

Priori to meeting the President, the visiting delegation from the Grand Bassa County Association in the Americas met other officials of the Liberian Government including Health and Social Welfare Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale and the Legislative Caucus of Grand Bassa County.
 Members of the delegation include: Dr. Frederick White, Ms. Mary Sirmons of the Indian River State College; Sue Yancy-Williams, Rev. David Dann of the Christ Victory   International   Mission of Liberia, and Dr. Zachariah Gaye of Jackson State University.
           Hon. Josephus M. Gray
           Assistant Foreign Minister/Public Affairs